Thursday, December 08, 2005

For More News Accounts of Utah-based Adoption Agencies

Carmen McDonald of Chicago, Illinois, lost her three-month-old daughter, Tamia, to a slick adoption agency based in Utah. Through the relentless efforts of Carmen's mother, her church, her community, and the State of Illinois, Carmen was able to get Tamia back. However, the Baby Tamia story is just the tip of a very big iceberg. Read more here:
  • Beyond Baby Tamia

    Thirty years after surrendering her firstborn son to adoption, Nancy Safsten was finally able to learn how the adoption agency had been able to get her to consent to her son's relinquishment. She learned from hospital medical records that she had been heavily drugged with Thorazine at the time of signing the document! Read Nancy's story here:
  • Drugged by Thorazine

    Centenial College said...

    This article is very nice giving good information and tell us about your struggle while you were pregnant. It is very painful but you fought very bravely against it

    How brave you are and heads of for that !

    School of Social Work

    DesertQueen said...

    i have my own "adoption agency" story, but I support you girl 1000 A MILLION billion, infinity forever %